Los Apartamentos - Germany's one and only Mento Band

You don´t know what Mento music is all about? We can help you: It´s a acoustic style from the fifties in Jamaica. It gave  birth to Ska and Reggae and: everyone likes it. But actually you don´t need to know all this. Just listen to our brandnew album on Spotify or Bandcamp or click one of our vids.

"Ripe Tomato" played live in Schrebergarden Müngersdorf.

"Perseverance" - our singing postcard.

Los Apartamentos are a seven piece Mento band hailing from Cologne in Germany. We are touring since 2018 and have our first album "Water di Garden" out in early 2019. 

Booking: Los Apartamentos 24/7 Call Center  

xx 49 163 772 6565

Videos: T. Schmücking (Ripe Tomato), Kamerakunst. de (Love)

Fotos: Ashley Greb, Marc Müller